Within the emerging industries identified by the European Cluster Observatory, transport and mobility plays an important role. The mobility industry can be optimized thanks to the creation of synergies with other industries, such as ICT and green technologies. Indeed, this combination can help developing more resource-efficient transport and logistics, thus reducing the environmental impact  of these industries.

The activities of this emerging industry add value by providing integrated, smart, clean, service-oriented and/or user-focused mobility services and related products. They provide new services to the particular needs of both businesses (B2B) and customers (B2C).

Project Moving the Future (MOVE) aims creating a European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the field of mobility industry, fostering the European collaboration between clusters in transport and logistics, ICT and green technologies.

The MOVE Partnership is represented by 4 clusters:

  • CCTL – Canary Islands Cluster for Transport and Logistics (Spain)
  • BCT – Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications (Bulgaria)
  • NUMELINK – The Creative IT cluster (France)
  • ENVIRONMENT PARK – Energy and Clean Tech

The aim of the cross-sectorial cooperation between the different clusters of the Moving the Future partnership is to foster innovation by encouraging the development of new products/services with higher added value, and this way, strengthen the competitiveness of their SMEs.