This partnership aims at creating an European Strategic Cluster in the field of transport and logistics, fostering the international collaboration between clusters in transport and logistics, ICT and green technologies. The methodology adopted for generating cross-innovation collaboration will also benefit the internationalization towards third countries which can participate in these new value chains or introduce our SMEs in already existing global value chains. In this sense, the dialogue established with Brazil, Mexico and Morocco will aim at establishing new business opportunities for existing SMEs or at creating new innovative transnational ventures.

The specific objectives are:

  • To set up strategic cross-border and cross-sectorial (transport and logistics, ICT and green technologies) collaborations between the SMEs members of the clusters partner.
  • Favour the internationalization of SMEs members of the clusters partners.
  • Develop an internationalisation strategy plan aimed at third countries, including a roadmap for implementation.
  • Develop an enlargement strategy including a sustainability plan to widen the partnership to other clusters from Europe and third countries.