The work is organized around 5 Work Packages as follows:

Work Package 1 – Project management: This WP aims at ensuring a sound management of the project, in terms of monitoring the progress of the project and dealing with all administrative and financial reporting.

Work Package 2 – Mapping of competences and capacity building: WP 2 will aim at mapping the competences, interests and networks of the clusters member of the partnership and of other EU clusters and innovation actors to liaise with, in the framework of the partnership activities and build clusters and SMEs’ capacities to interact with other sectors at international level. To do so, a first task will deal with the development of a survey in order to identify the needs and the assets of each of their SMEs.

The second part of WP2 will be devoted to designing and delivering specific training and coaching opportunities for clusters managers and SMEs, and technology monitoring services to foster the development of joint innovative ideas among the emerging industries represented in the project. The training will cover several skills which are fundamental for international and cross-sector projects: linguistic skills, knowledge management, business models, etc.

Work Package 3 – Creation of the “Moving the Future” ESCP: WP3 will be focused at the establishment of the “Moving the future” partnership and at the development of the Partnership Agreement. 

Work Package 4 – Creation of the internationalisation strategy: WP4 will aim at developing the internationalization strategy plan. The strategy plan will be fed with the results of WP2 and will include specific activities to foster the internationalization of the clusters’ SMEs at EU level and towards Third Countries.

Work Package 5 – Monitoring System and Impact Assessment: WP5 will deal with the monitoring and impact assessment of the whole project. The aim of both activities is to ensure the highest effectiveness of the actions planned and their efficiency in terms of impact generated.

Work Package 6 – Dissemination and Sustainability: WP6 will aim at ensuring the widest possible dissemination of the project and to create a network of associated organizations which could join the Partnership in a second phase. A sustainability strategy will in fact also be developed to envisage how the Partnership would continue after the end of the project.