North-South Logistics & Transport Cluster in Gdansk, Poland is a 4 years old organization with 79 members focusing on logistics and electric mobility industry. The Cluster is an innovation-oriented consortium with a significant potential to develop a co-operation between businesses, R+D institutions and local governments. The Cluster formal coordinated by ZNIK Ltd / non-profit / 80-172  Gdansk, Trzy Lipy 3  is a National Key Cluster awarded by Ministry of Development for North Poland region because it successfully operates within the logistics industry and already includes as members several significant companies (Gdansk Airport, Gdansk Container Terminal, Port Gdansk, LOTOS-Rail, StoGDA Ship Design, EMU, Nelton) and academic R+D institution (Gdansk University of Technology, Electrotechnical Institute). The Cluster entities are represented in the form of logistics value chain, including various types of transport (sea, air, road, and railway). The potential cluster includes the sum of the total annual income of the Cluster partners – PLN 3,4 billion and more than 16,5 thousand employees of 79 cluster-member companies and institutions.

In addition, the cluster cooperates with the Regional Economic Chamber of Pomerania (Poland), which brings together more than 300 SMEs, as well as with the Association of Employers of Pomerania (Poland), where there are more than800 SMEs.  The cluster also cooperates with foreign business partners including Cluster of EMN from Norway, Smart

City Lab from Estonia, Cluster Netzwerk Logistik Leipzig-Halle in Germany, the Slovak Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Commerce the Brandenburg German organization IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH, Insero E-Mobility Cluster Denmark.

Areas for possible cooperation:  logistics innovation services, eco-efficiency, energy efficiency and intelligent transportation (rail, road, sea and river, aviation), electric mobility, exhaustion after treatment system, intermodal transportation, propulsion based on new energy sources, battery ship, engines for tugboats, new technologies and ICT solutions for logistic and mobility and other related issues. The Cluster is currently a partner with international Horizone 2020 INTERMODEL EU project 690658.

The Cluster is registered in the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and certified by ESCA BRONZE LABEL. From 2017 North-South Logistics & Transport Cluster is a member of MOVE ESCA Partnership.