Numélink is a cluster of IT Companies in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Numélink was created in 2002 and gathers 300 members, mainly small and medium companies in different sectors of ICT, such as programming services & development, e-learning, hosting services, IT Management, data processing, computer network services & telecommunications.

The cluster’s first aim is to stimulate innovation by developing joint projects; therefore Numélink already has a wide experience in partnership building aiming at the development of new goods/services.

Numélink also aims at sharing of resources and implementation of collective actions, and anticipating future developments and proposes accordingly any solution to increase the level of activity and efficiency of the ICT sector.

To reach these goals, Numélink has implemented an action plan in 3 focuses:

1. Cooperative Innovation :

  • Support for the R&D of cluster members for the development of innovative joint projects.
  • Identifying common interests and launching partnership building aiming at the development of new goods/services
  • Cooperation with Universities, Research centres and other organisations supporting the Research and Innovation.

2. Companies performance :

  • Anticipate technological development, uses and market changes in order to help out SMEs to adjust their offers.
  • Increase the qualification of employees of cluster members by identifying needs and organizing appropriate trainings.
  • Supporting growth of cluster members by identifying new markets and facilitating the market access for these companies.

3. Networking and Cluster coordination :

  • Organize meetings and after-work networking in order to federate companies and identify complementarities between cluster members

Main activities of Numélink members are:

  • Support services, consulting & IT Audit
  • Programming services & specific development
  • Computer training services & e-learning
  • Hosting Services & IT Management
  • Managed Services & Outsourcing
  • Management Services & data processing
  • Computer network services & telecommunications
  • Website, Web Portal, Intranet and Extranet
  • Software & various Information Systems
  • Graphic design, publishing & digital printing.
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