The CCTL is a non-profit association grouping enterprises, institutions and business agents in relation to the transport and logistics sector in the Canary Islands (Spain). Our association was created in December 2008, as a result of a long experience and dynamic collaboration that lasted more than five years among several actors of the transport and logistics value chain in the Archipelago. The relationships and the connections between its members are based on common interests in this particular sector, and therefore gives them a competitive advantage over new challenges of globalization which includes the development of more world-class clusters in Europe through internationalization and excellence.

The mission of the CCTL is to increase excellence, productivity and competitiveness of the Canary Islands’ economy as well as to strengthen the intermodality and mobility of people and goods, and thus to generate new value chain for the whole regional area. The role of the cluster is to improve the competitiveness in the transport and logistics sector, focusing on the interrelation between all stakeholders of the whole value chain (producers, buyers, suppliers, educational and research institutions, regulatory authorities, etc.).

Our vision is to make the Canary Islands a cohesive and sustainable region with a more advanced and efficient transport and logistics sector and its networks; being a centre of reference on regional, national and international levels.

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