Do you want to Go International?

One of the European Union’s priorities is to strengthen the competitiveness and internationalization of European enterprises, particularly of small and medium sized enterprises. Indeed, SMEs have an essential role to play in the modernisation of European industry as innovation actors and producers of globally competitive products and services.

The MOVE project offers you a great opportunity of participating in a European joint internationalization strategy, which will definitely foster the economic growth of your company and boost your competitiveness in a more-than-ever globalized world. Do not miss the opportunity of getting involved in this EU initiative!

  • You will have access to a wide European network of more than 300 SMEs in the fields of mobility, ICT and green te The MOVE consortium will facilitate contacts and communication between SMEs. For instance, the consortium can provide you with a list of relevant SMEs to meet your supplies needs in a certain sector. Furthermore, the MOVE consortium will be enlarged by December 2016, which means that more than 400 other European SMEs will be joining the partnership.
  • You can undertake joint ventures with other clusters’ SMEs.
  • You can create partnerships with SMEs of other clusters partners and boost the development of your business in beyond the national frontiers, in European countries.

Benefits for SMEs

  • MOVE Network: The possibility to share your company profile, offer/needs, logo and publish success stories on the project website.
  • Tools to go international: Register and get on-line documentation about internationalization, IPR management, company management and project funding.
  • Market research and analysis: Get access to information about third countries’ markets cross-innovation and internationalization opportunities
  • Technological intelligence service: Get access to information on emerging trends in mobility, sustainable transport and logistics.
  • Partnering opportunities: Priority and facilitated access to brokerage and matchmaking events at national and international level.


How can you join MOVE?