• A-SIS edits LOGISTICS MANAGER SUITE, a comprehensive software suite covering APS, OMS, WMS, WCS, TMS solutions providing broad-ranging functions and specialised in split-case order picking and the management of automated systems. A-SIS provides turn-key solutions for specific professions. They integrate the order-picking tools using a flexible, secure project methodology
  • E-TOTEM provides a network of electric vehicles chargers
  • ADISTA offers different products such as: system integration, IT hosting and outsourcing and project engineering. The company is also a telecom operator.
  • COPARK Platform to put in contact people with free parking spaces and drivers
  • SETIM offers a dynamic and multidisciplinary team to support ITS technology projects in public transport such as ticketing systems, support Systems of Operations and traveller Information, dynamic communication systems, contactless cards.
  • CIO Informatique Industirelle Embedded systems. VME computers controlled by real-time OS to the specific electronic driven Linux, today we offer the best possible alliance between computers and electronics, two worlds that our engineers mastered perfectly.
  • RFIT Technologies is an engineering firm in IT and traceability, editor of fleet management solutions for materials and equipment.
  • 1D LAB is a cooperative society which attaches, through digital tools to recreate virtuous model discovery, distribution and remuneration for independent creations.It manages and develops especially 1D touch, equitable streaming platform centered on independent content from the areas of music, video, comics, video games, books and photography. This model BtBtC is based on a customer network / partners concerned to defend artistic diversity and universal access to open and diverse cultural content. It particularly works on building prescription tools, recommendation and mediation around these contents in partnership with other start-ups and research laboratories
  • 6tematik – web agency specialized in web and mobile applications
  • NEOTESS  is software publisher specialized in dynamic display 100% web
    Associated with a media player and a broadcast medium (dynamic display screens) through our digital signage solution you can create, run and distribute all your content in a few clicks
  • OBJECT 23 develops digital and custom solutions to support our customers in their digital strategies.
    Object23 propose for companies advices & supports in their digital strategy, website audit, technical audit and Training. we propose also creation of websites, e-commerce site, mobile applications, CMS publisher, business software… etc
  • ADL SERVICES  is a company of computer services devoted to SMEs:
    -User Support & IT asset management,
    -Web Hosting & other related services:
    -Creating software & websites
  • ANEOL  is an IT services company, specializing in web marketing, softwares and mobile application.
    Company creates and hosts:
    – Responsive website (running on computer, tablet and smartphone and phablet) and accessible to all public (including spastic and disabled personne)
    – Management Applications in many areas: tourism, associations, research, industry
  • DEUZZI is an IT services company specializing in the management of information systems. our goal is to make your information system a direct source of optimization.
    • Computer & Telecom monitoring in your premises
    • Remote Management Services
    • Audits, master plans of IT services
    • Design and implementation of ITIL processes
    • Project management assistance and consulting
    • Optimization Studies of Data, Voice and Image”
  • EQUATION  is an IT services company specializing in design solutions for SMEs and communities.
    Equation has three business lines: – Publisher and integrator EquaPRO, business management solutions (ERP) for SMEs / SMIs.
    – Expert in Engineering Systems and Networks: global infrastructure, security, virtualization, VoIP 
    – Telecom operator under the brand E-alliance: broadband internet provider, site interconnection, VoIP
  • ERENET is an IT services company to VSE / SMEs. The company provides operational maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure of their clients (PCs, servers, network, ..), offer people skills network (LAN, WAN, WLAN, …) and the form of governance.  The company is authorized HP Partner First Gold (PCs, laptops and printers), HPE Business Partner (servers and networks) but also HP Service Delivery (Authorised maintainer)
  • EXPERTISE WEB – Website design, web applications, mobile applications and cloud infrastructure.
    Classic Web Agency oriented e-commerce, with a desire to specialize in Magento. Development of a tool via Raspeberry Linux (Mini PC) to provide the dynamic display (digital signage) of current videos
  • IPM France is a designer of complete, turnkey interactive kiosk solutions IPM France designs its kiosks in its production shop in Romans sur Isère, in the Drôme region of France. “Made in France” kiosks specifically designed to meet your needs :
    – Preliminary design (design, mechanics, electronics and electricity),
    – Hardware and software development
    – Production, test and pilot projects.
    – Integration of Partner business application
    A specialist in the management of large-scale interactive kiosk projects, IPM France puts its experience at your service and provides advice : Workshop, Writing specifications, Financing studies, Project management
    Because the usage data for your touch kiosks is essential to the improvement of your services and because it is fundamental for you to know who your users are and how they use your services, IPM France collects this data and these statistics for you :
    – Data and statistics on the use of the services
    – User behaviour data
  • LOGIC develops software dedicated to business sectors as diverse as construction sector, Finance or Medical sectors:  Silogisme: Control of activities and rounds management
    I.O.B. Credit redemption Analysis.
    P.V.C.: retail outlets and Management Clients.
    P.O.S: Help with prescription for healthcare organizations.
    Logic company also specializes in Telecom Technicians training, counseling and support in mastering the information system, focused on ITIL processes
  • PlanetObserver M-SAT offers a full range of value-added geospatial products: global satellite imagery base maps in natural colours with a unique visual quality, global and accurate Digital Elevation Models, and aerial photography of France and any places in the world. All products are developed internally, backed up by PlanetObserver’s know-how in geospatial data processing and over 25 years of technological expertise.
    PlanetObserver satellite imagery and elevation data are perfect for numerous commercial, military and consumer applications, ranging from web-mapping to 3D visualization and simulation solutions, moving map apps, cartographic mapping to audio-visual production
  • SFI is a web agency, based in Saint-Etienne. The fields of competence include the creation and development of websites,e-commerce sites and online stores, Extranet, Intranet, web marketing and SEO, Adwords, Mobile apps, applications on CD-ROM, interactive kiosks, gaming kiosks, kiosks connected to the Internet.
  • TELECOM OBJECT (TO) is a provider of ToIP solutions and wired telephony
    “TO” offers services in corporate telephony and ToIP under the brand TELECOM OBJECT (VoIP, SIP Trunk)
  • IRIDIS (Screening and VGA), IRIFAX (IP Fax dematerialized) REUNEEZ (IP conference) and CLICAPPEL (Click to call )
  • Teliae – Publisher of computing solutions for the transport and logistics sector
  • is a simple and flexible shipping management system for use online. it fits into the supply chain from the package and optimizes information between the shipper and the carrier safely flow. is interfaced with leading WMS or ERP to optimize the process flow of trade with the customer information system
  • Teliway –  software for road freight transport, particularly the mail transport, chartering and bulking, Teliway provides daily management of all business operations, customer service, accounting, finance and trade
  • Telimobile –  monitoring solution for deliveries and traceability with smartphone. The technologies used by Telimobile allow to make available its functionality to all carriers, regardless of size, in order to get deliveries information in real time and know the position of vehicles.
  • WIPSIM – The company Wipsim SAS was founded in June 2015. It publishes and distributes software WipSim (Work In Process SIMulation). This software simulates the production lines in ordre to product on lean manufacturing and reduce delays. The Wipsim sas also provides advice on industrial organization and training in support of its software product.
  • RED FROGGY Publisher of web and mobile applications, expert in AngularJS technologies, Spring, Ionic, Cordova, Symfony and specializing in NFC technology, real-time messaging with RabbitMQ
  • MIFARE® partner –  design and encoding of multi-services contactless cards on technology MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight, Mifare DESFire.
  • ODYSSEE INGENIERIE  is the software company which created the framework and the software Acropolis.
    Acropolis is an integrated and modular software.
    It manages documents life cycle, information flows, associated tasks and actors.
    It gives appropriate answers to firms and public services sector in the following fields : electronic documents management and collaborative work :
    – Collaborative management of mails
    – Citizen Relationship management
    – Electronic documents management
  • NUMTECH carries out global-scale missions ranging from research into the atmospheric dispersion of emissions linked to human activities, through to producing or forecasting air quality figures or providing expert assessments of meteorological events.
    Our experts estimate the impact of emissions from industrial, road or urban sources, outlining the related health risks so these can be factored into your projects
  • NUMTECH designs and develops operational decision support systems specifically aimed at helping you manage atmospheric discharges at your sites.
    Industrials, local authorities or general design offices can tap into a range of software solutions that can be set up at their site, accompanied by custom-designed training and follow-up
  • ATM Consulting is specialized in the integration of management software for SMEs to assist them in their implementation projects of ERP, CRM. We are experts in Dolibarr, open source solution
  • SOL GROUPProduction and distribution of hydromethan for public transport (filling stations)     AMET s.r.l.AMET’s mission is to provide its customers with best-in-class solutions – i.e. methodologies, technologies and engineering services – for the design and development of industrial products, exploiting an integrated multi-domain model-based approach, to assure optimum system performance

    AMET skills are focused on:

    • CAE based structural analysis and optimization;
    • Automatic controls;
    • Testing; Simulation, modeling, vehicles engineering                     

    Sequoia Automation SrlSmart  solutions based on sensors and nanometarials for electric vehicles and sustainable transport. Ultrafast recharging systems for electric vehicles, energy storage equipment           

    MVC Movincar Distribution and renting of electric vehicles for internal logistic services. Electric vehicles for industrial applications, harbour and aeroportual logistics, transport of light goods and passengers   

    Ce.S.I. Centro Studi Industriali Srl / Formtech Composites – Formtech Composites is specialised in the design, engineering & manufacture of lightweight composites structures & components. The scope of Formtech’s work varies from pure manufacturing to fully integrated solutions, combining Design, Finite Element Analysis, Manufacturing and R&D/Testing (including Ultrasonic and Acoustic Emission testing)

    • Design of individual parts and wider solutions
    • Final Design to manufacturability
    • Material choice and bonding / joining solutions
    • Finite Element Analysis – calculation of the properties of the part / module / solution in order to fulfil the technical specification
    • Design of Toolings and Jigs
    • Prototype Testing and Validation using Non-Destructive Testing Methods

    Pluservice srl  – Integrated information technology systems (ERP) for passenger transport companies. SW solutions for:

    • Electronic ticketing
    • control of the working state of fleet vehicles
    • fleet and crew scheduling
    • management of on call transport services ssrlyoung innovative company that produces refrigerators and personalized on zero-emission vehicles. It owns four patents on the cooling technology. Electric refrigerated vehicles for street food applications     

    HYSYTECH Hysytech main activities regard the design and construction of plants for chemical processes or energy production, mainly based on hydrogen systems and technologies. Hysytech provides specialized solutions in chemical processes, renewable and traditional energy generation, industrial processes, energy efficiency and environmental treatments. Processes for production and treatment of biofuels   

    MECAPROM – Mecaprom Automotive is able to manage activity from engineering and development to start of production of all components of the Powertrain System.       

    • Innovative integrated hybrid robotized mechanical transmission
    • Feasibility studies, performances analysis, subsystems and components sizing and system integration design for the hybridization and electrification of powertrain systems (REV / BEV) and the hybridization by additional electric axle (e-Axle)

    DOLOMITECH – Fuel cell powertrains for minibus; Auxiliary components for Fuel cell powertrains;  electronic devices               

    BCUBE  Logistic servicesEngineering,  ICT, Factory logistics, Platform and Warehouse management, Air Cargo,  Industrial packaging, CKD, Equipment services, Multimodal transportation, Heavy load transport,  Freight forwarding,  Value added services     

    ECOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS – Ecomotive  Solutions  proposes  the  ideal  Diesel  Dual  Fuel  technology  for  vehicle’s  owners  as  well  as  professional transporters, permitting improvements in the fuel economy while helping the environment. A range of solutions aimed at supporting light commercial & heavy duty vehicles, marine applications and energy production has been released in the years. Dual fuel (CNG/LNG/LPG/Biofuels+Diesel) technologies

    Complementary services:

    • Dynamometer engines development
    • On site PEMS emission test

    ENECOM –  En-eco S.p.A. is a company that operates in the field of renewable energy: in addition to eco-compatible photovoltaic systems, En-eco manufactures wind turbines with vertical axis.  

    SOLBIAN – The company’s goal is to produce innovative photovoltaic panels in order to expand the scope of their applicability to sectors where lightweight, flexibility and efficiency are fundamental requirements. The characteristics of these flexible photovoltaic panels allow the production of energy from the sun, wherever there is a need, even in extreme conditions: marine, electric mobility, caravans, trekking and in special building-integrated architectural situations. FV flexible solutions for caravans and boats     

    INTECS INTECS provides leading-edge software technologies to support the major European and Italian organisations in the design and implementation of advanced electronic systems for the Defence, Space and Civilian markets. Traffic control solutions for different sectors:

    • ATC (Air Traffic Control)
    • VTS (Vessel Traffic System)

    BRINGME – Bringme offers innovative carpooling services based on dynamic technologies and tools. Corporate car pooling solutions            

    LEKTRO INNOVATION – Production and distribution of electric bycicle Innovative lightweight and smart electric bycicles               

    PONY ZERO  Sustainable urban logistics,  Last mile deliveries, Fresh food deliveries, Pony express services