Bulgarian Cluster Green Transport has been established in Sofia as the first vertically integrated business operations alliance in Bulgaria in the cargo mobility sector.

The Cluster combines all transport modalities from one side with the logistics and organizational arm of the transport sector in the country – terminals, forwarders, brokers and operators. The very inception of the Cluster is driven by a strong accent on intermodal – the combination of environmentally friendly types of transport on long stretches with the flexible modes.

Cluster Green Transport will be a main factor for the development of intermodal transport services in Bulgaria and the Balkan region. Intermodal transport has contributed to increasing the competitiveness of Bulgarian companies offering this kind of freight transport. The domestic intermodal system is integrated to the European system in order to encourage the use of  combined transport services through the territory of Bulgaria. Different transport modes are successfully combined and integrated to the existing seaports, ferries and internal railway terminals in order to attract transits and reduce transport costs using