• BALKANBIT LTD Company working in the field of telecommunications, to provide various communication services.
  • STI NETWORKS Company specialized in Information Technologies and Telecommunications Solutions. STI Networks deliver on a global scale to service providers and telecom operators service enabling solutions to help them achieve higher revenues, higher customer satisfaction and rich customer experience.
  • LOREN NETWORKS The company offers services in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies and smart grids as well as in the field of modern energy.
    MULTIPLEX LTD – Engineering, design, production and maintenance of telecommunication equipment. The company activity is concentrated in three divisions:
    – Innovations – development of new products and solutions for small and medium business, telecom operators, cooperative costumers.
    – Production – well organized production process, modern equipment, automatic line for SMD assembly of PCB.
    – System integration – integrated communication services, taking specific project into consideration. 
  • SMARTCOM BULGARIA AD   is a Bulgarian based company established in 1991. The company currently specializes in three main areas: system integration services and communications solutions for clients, development of our own line of products, and as a partner to IBM, working on new microchip technologies.
  • INTERNATIONAL POWER SUPPLY (IPS) is specialized in the manufacturing and development of power supply systems – 48 VDC modular power supplies, complete outdoor telecom systems, solar inverterters on-grid, off-grid, hybrid renewable energy power systems, telecom inverters, rectifier systems, modular UPS systems etc.
    IPS offers complete solutions for the area of Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Energetics, Defense etc.
  • ESTEL LTD The company provides telecommunications solutions – design, development, production, sale, installation, system integration and maintenance of telecommunications equipment, training and consulting; solutions for control of environmental parameters, measuring the parameters of the power supply, remote control of electrical appliances and more; solutions in structured cabling systems and security systems. 
  • LEMA TRADING LTD  The company is specialized in the sphere of telecommunications services and engineering. It offers complete solutions in the field of Electronic Security Systems, Structured Cabling Systems, Wireless and Satellite Communications, Local Area Networks and Networks Integration. Since 2012 Lema Trading extended its business with a new range of services: design and installation of Lightning and Surge Protection Systems and Earthing. 
  • TINSA LTD  The company’s main scope of activity is:
    – Verification for the interoperability of the rail system within the Community;
    – Verification for the compatibility with the national notified technical rules and the national safety rules. Tinsa Ltd. is also a Designated Body by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of Republic of Bulgaria.TINSA Ltd. possesses own track measuring car PLASSER & THEURER ЕМ – 120 for measuring of the geometry parameters of the railway track in a loaded state at maximum speed of measuring of 120 km/h.
  • INDUSTRIAL SAFETY SISTEMS LTD (ISS LTD). ISS Ltd. has experience and knowledge, related to: assessment and prevention of specific risks to the sites; study the need for and implementation of best practices to improve profitability and efficiency of a wide range of enterprises with economic activities in the field of extraction and processing of raw materials, the manufacture, marketing and distribution of fast-moving non-food goods; energy efficiency and management of costs for energy consumption; physical and technical protection of property
  • SIRMA MOBILE is subdivision of Sirma Group Holding. The company’s portfolio consists of innovative products and services and mobile applications, created to better management and whole functionality of companies.
  • COMMUNICATIVE CONSTRUCTION & REHABILITATION COMMUNICATIVE CONSTRUCTION & REHABILITATION” (CCR) has a 39 years of history and it is the oldest specialized company in Bulgaria in the field of construction of communications. 
  • MARMET LTD. is one of the leading Bulgarian construction companies, set up with entirely private capital. The Company has proved experience in covering all range of activities related to the implementation of telecommunication and infrastructural projects. Through the years, the Company acquired significant experience and extended its activities in the field of infrastructural and ground construction, as well as in the field of high-rise construction.  
  • HAITOVI LTD. Substantial part of the work of “Haitovi & Co” Ltd is building construction – the complete construction as though as emergency and repairs works of residential, commercial, office and other buildings.
  • PLANTEL.  The company is specialized in complex design, construction, installation works, reconstruction and modernization of telecommunications networks 
    VIVACOM Ltd. has extensive experience in the implementation of complex telecommunication and infrastructure projects, video surveillance, structured cabling system
  • TILCOM LTD. The company is supplier of cables, wires, cable accessories, electrical equipment and materials. Another part of the company wide product range are accessories for AC-wires and earthing systems, high voltage cable shoes and grids, insulation tapes, manufacturing of electrical panels. 


  • KOORTEH Ltd. specializes in the processing of cylinder heads, blocks, piston rods, valves, automobile parts, stratification of aluminum, copper, zinc, argon welding. Now the company expands its business and for the first time in Bulgaria offers conversion of any car into all electric vehicles.
  • VISTEON ELECTRONICS BULGARIA Ltd. designs, engineers and manufactures vehicle cockpit electronics products and connected car solutions that deliver a rich, connected experience for drivers and passengers.
  • WUERTH BULGARIA Ltd. World leader in manufactorind and direct marketing with assembly equipment, electric and pneumatic tools and machinery, furniture hardware and accessories and others. 
  • ELPROM EMZ Ltd. They are supplying single-phase MEASURING  TRANSFORMERS, Chokes, HV CIRCUIT BREAKERS and others.
  • MONBAT AD Monbat Group of Companies is a leading European manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for various applications.
  • HAYCAD INFOTECH (PLC) is the first certified reseller of the products of Dassault Systèmes for 3D oriented engineering design CATIA and for Product Data Development SMARTEAM in Bulgaria.
  • BULGARIAN AUTOMOBILE CLUB “RETRO”  Automobile club for renovation and restoration of motor vehicles with historical value.
  • PETAR YOVCHEV AND SONS Ltd.  Driving School