In the aftermath of its longest-ever recession, Europe urgently needs to strengthen its competitiveness and economic growth.

SMEs have an essential role to play in the modernization of the European industry as innovation actors and producers of globally competitive products and services. Nevertheless, small companies often encounter difficulties in investing in innovation, exporting and integrating global value chains. That is why the potential of clusters needs to be better exploited.

Clusters can certainly create favorable innovation ecosystem for mutually reinforcing groups of SMEs to find international cooperation partners, raise their excellence, innovation capacity and overall competitiveness. They can act as real “springboards” for SMEs to help them getting access to global value chain and develop long-term strategic partnerships.

The MOVE project aims at creating a European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the field of mobility industry, fostering the European collaboration between clusters in transport and logistics, ICT and green technologies. The objective of the MOVE project is to create a new value chain from cross-sectorial and cross border cooperation, as well as to foster SMEs’ internationalization in North Africa and Latin America.


The  MOVE Partnership will:

  • perform a study and analysis of strategic partners in Europe
  • build capacity among its members for development and management of European collaboration activities
  • perform intelligence gathering on market trends and opportunities for SMEs
  • develop an internationalization strategy, including a roadmap for implementation

Expected Results:

  • Identification of new business opportunities within the EU clusters
  • Fostering of EU cross-border and cross-sectorial partnerships
  • Identification of emerging industries in the targeted industries
  • Development of a common internationalization strategy
  • Development of sustainable and smart transport and logistics

In general, our main goals are to boost both the competitiveness and the internationalization level of European SMEs in the fields of transport, logistics, ICT and green technologies.